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At The Greenbaum Foundation, we focus our funding primarily on effective and efficient projects working to bring about the end of suffering (human and non-human) in areas of the highest need where the mainstream organizations are not heavily involved and where we feel we can have the most impact. We assist organizations with guidance, networking and funding.

In the human rights arena, we fund a broad range of projects abolishing all forms of modern-day slavery; ending child marriage, female genital cutting, gender based violence, and barriers preventing women from having equal rights; fighting child abuse, neglect, and the trafficking of children and youth for sex and labor; and stopping forced prostitution.

We also support several health initiatives including projects focusing on improving world health by promoting whole foods plant based diets.

In our animal rights work, our portfolio includes projects aimed at increasing the awareness, protection and improvement of the lives of all animals -- ending their use in experimentation; putting an end to their exploitation in entertainment (circuses, zoos, movies, fairs, and inner-city horse carriage rides); exposing the incessant cruelty and suffering taking place daily in the farming industry; ending harmful practices in the horse racing industry, and supporting effective common sense legislative initiatives.

Established in 1991, the Foundation became fully operational in 1999, and has been funded by Jim Greenbaum, its Managing Director. Working alongside Jim in managing the Foundation is Meghan O’Brien Lowery. The combined grants of the Foundation and Jim Greenbaum total in excess of 40 million dollars, and have funded a wide range of projects all over the world.  Annual grant-making is in excess of three million dollars. The Foundation does not seek donations from the public; nor does it or Jim Greenbaum accept unsolicited proposals for funding.

The Greenbaum Foundation is a US based 501(c)(3) Private Grantmaking Foundation.


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"Being a bystander to suffering is not an option," notes Jim Greenbaum, the Founder and Managing Director of The Greenbaum Foundation.  A native of Monroe, Louisiana, and a graduate of the University of Virginia, Jim entered the workforce with one primary goal in mind -- to make as much money as quickly as possible in order to use those funds to help make the world a better place.  

Jim founded and became CEO of Access Long Distance in 1985. Less than a decade later, while in his early 30’s, Jim made the decision that he would leave the corporate world at the age of 40. Keeping true to the plan, Jim sold the company in 1999, soon growing his

net worth to $133,000,000.  Jim has committed to contributing in excess of 85% of his assets to charitable projects ending human and non-human suffering during his lifetime, and the remainder of his estate soon thereafter.  The foundation’s assets will also be spent down during his lifetime. 

Jim is passionate about bringing business efficiency and selfless, common sense approaches to the humanitarian world.  He is an ethical vegan and describes his approach to giving as Golden Rule Philanthropy. Jim also hopes to encourage more high net worth individuals to become philanthropic, to do so during their lifetimes, and to follow an Effective Altruistic approach of giving for at least one-half of their giving. (Effective altruism is a growing social movement founded on the desire to make the world as good a place as it can be, the use of evidence and reason to find out how to do so, and the audacity to actually try. The primary focuses - Saving Lives; Ending Suffering; and Saving the planet.) 

Jim is an Executive Producer of the documentaries "Not My Life," "Cowspiracy" and "What The Health."  Jim is a long time member of YPO and also a regular attendee at Skoll World Forum, the Women Moving Millions Summit, Nexus Global Youth Summit, and the Animal Rights National Conference.  

These videos are about organizations and issues supported by the Foundation. Some contain disturbing images that may not be suitable for children.

Photos From Jim Greenbaum’s Humanitarian Travels

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The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for funding. For all correspondence, please consider the environment and send via email.

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